KZN Flooring

KZN FLOORING has been installing floors over the past 20 years and is renowned in confidently giving our clients, ‘peace of mind’. Every year we spend many hours expanding our knowledge to better serve our clients, including new technologies from our suppliers as well as sta training. Our mission is to continue taking pride in providing our clients and prospective clients with our excellent workmanship skills, unlimited advice & professional services on a diligent client liaison foundation.

From carpets to flooring, KZN FLOORING oers a wide choice of flooring options to enchance your home or business with beautiful, functional and comfortable options. We specialise in carpets and flooring for healthcare, commercial, corporate, leisure and educational applications, as well as wooden flooring and carpets for your home. Professional advice ensures that you always get the right product for your specific application,at the right price. In addition to new installations we also do revamps. We are a BEE compliant company and strive to empower our employees and educate our labour force.